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Whiskey with ice.

…this is one of the funniest moments that can be observed in almost any whiskey bar. Ice greatly lowers the temperature of the beverage, respectively, lost a huge part of the aroma and taste of whiskey. Plus, the whiskey is diluted with water when the ice melts. It’s not wrong to dilute the whiskey with water, but not in this way.

Again, much depends on the importance of perception. If there is a need to mask the smell and taste of cheap whiskey, in this case questions arise. Issues arise when the mask of good whiskey. Another option: pour his Coca-Cola. It does the student approach, but again, depends on the purpose and significance of perception.

Actually, talking in a historical context, many are afraid of the taste of the drink. I mean, not the taste of the drink “whiskey”, and beverages taste at all. For example, people choose vodka or gin to avoid any foreign flavor.

Another option: brandy. As you know, cognac is one of the “crushed” drinks terms of the richness and diversity of flavors. Absolutely do not detract from the dignity of brandy, but whiskey in this case a few steps higher. There is nothing more interesting to push the boundaries of perception.

Drink whiskey without ice.