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The whiskey capital of the world. City Affton. Scotland.

…is the famous Dufton in the area of Moray eels [Moray] on the North-East of Scotland in the Speyside region [Speyside].

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The Speyside Region [Speyside]

Spey [Spey] — a river in Scotland, and the region is world famous for its wonderful whisky. Speyside is very rich in distilleries whose names are familiar to all connoisseurs of this drink. The fact that this region is more than half of all distilleries in Scotland.

Welcome to Daffron [Dufftown]

This town in Scotland called Daffron [with the accent on the first syllable], but not of Dufftown. Errors in the pronunciation of the names doing almost everything. This applies to both Russian-speaking and English-speaking.

Mortlach and Balvenie [Mortlach and Balvenie]

The first settlers appeared in these places in 5-6 centuries. This is evidenced by the oldest Church in Scotland called Mortlach [Mortlach]. There is also the castle of Balvenie [Balvenie], which is considered the oldest stone castle in the country.

The whiskey capital of the world

This city is informally known as the Whisky Capital of the World, but, we must say that this is no capital in the truest sense of the word. In fact, it is a tiny town consisting of several streets at the intersection where, in the centre stood a clock tower, ie, the clock tower.

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Almost always half-empty streets of the city create an incredible charm. In General, Affton itself differs little from other small Scottish towns, except that almost all the people employed by that industry runs on whiskey.

Bed and Breakfast

In quite a few places to stay in the spirit of B&B. There are a few small hotels, but B&B still has its own separate and unique atmosphere.

Whisky Shop

In the center, opposite clock tower, is a great whisky shop. Here, in fact, you can find a lot of interesting things, namely, things that are not exported to other countries. By the way, additionally, you can find a pretty decent range of craft Beers from the region.

A Taste of Speyside

Almost there on the street Balvenie is a phenomenal restaurant called A Taste of Speyside. Owns it is extremely good-natured and talkative Scot, who fed a fantastic lunch [or brunch] each adventurer [or whiskey].

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Walking tour [walking tour]

In Deftone you can take a walking tour with an aunt named Michelle. She was born in this town and lived here all his life. Michelle can tell you about Deftone and on the production of whiskey that will never write in books.

Well, for example, no self-respecting resident of Affton doesn’t drink Glenfiddich. Chances are, if you come to the bar and order a Glenfiddich, you are one hundred per cent tourist.

Of course I will have to look into the coffers of production. Fortunately, the number of charismatic distilleries that can be explored on foot abound. One of them, as you may have guessed, is the distillery of Glenfiddich. Almost a minute away is the distillery Balvenie, which, incidentally, belongs to the same organization.

The neighborhood is less touristy distillery Mortlach.

And even less tourist [the same name], the distillery Dufftown.

In General, I think you get the idea… and, Yes, of course, when the time comes, you will know about the dog.

How to get to Affton?

There are several ways to get to Affton. The easiest way is by car, but it is not the easiest if you don’t feel comfortable driving “the other side”.

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Another option you could get on the train to Keith, and then get a taxi to Affton. This is a relatively short trip. What is remarkable about the second option? The fact that the town of Keith is the oldest distillery in Scotland, Strathisla, and it is a two minute walk from the station.

This place is very charismatic, though, and seems a little idealized at first glance.

Here you can drink whiskey and take a tour of the distillery.

There is a third option. For certain months in Affton goes “whisky train”, that is, “whiskey train,” but in this case it is necessary to look at the schedule, and it depends on the season.