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Best Scotch whiskey [from the budget].

…interesting to think a little bit and decide to make such a list. Single malt Scotch [single malt] cannot be cheap by definition. However, as we know, everything in this world is relative. This list is [five] is not in any manual, reference book, and is just the personal opinion[…]

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Whiskey from the island of Islay [Islay].

…distillery on this island are classified as the classic and highly respected among fans of peaty whisky. A list of distilleries on the island of Islay [Islay] 1. Ardbeg 2. Bowmore 3. Bruichladdich 4. Bunnahabhain 5. Caol Ila 6. Kilchoman 7. Lagavulin 8. Laphroaig * how to correctly pronounce the[…]

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Whiskey with ice.

…this is one of the funniest moments that can be observed in almost any whiskey bar. Ice greatly lowers the temperature of the beverage, respectively, lost a huge part of the aroma and taste of whiskey. Plus, the whiskey is diluted with water when the ice melts. It’s not wrong[…]

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…this is a list of the distilleries I visited. The list is constantly updated. I have to say, I have no purpose to describe the distillery in detail. The historical data is changing over time, and Wikipedia’s distilleries I create just once. Therefore, in this section for each of them[…]

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