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What is the quarter cask?

…a sample from the Scottish distillery Laphroaig is aged further in the so-called quarter casks. It’s a little strange looking barrels. Take a few divisions from the usual barrels and connect again. It turns a kind of wooden pipe. Technically speaking, the maturing in casks is faster. Historically, this type,[…]

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The whiskey capital of the world. City Affton. Scotland.

…is the famous Dufton in the area of Moray eels [Moray] on the North-East of Scotland in the Speyside region [Speyside]. the map from the website highestspirits.com The Speyside Region [Speyside] Spey [Spey] — a river in Scotland, and the region is world famous for its wonderful whisky. Speyside is[…]

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The region of Speyside, the river Spey and whisky.

… there is a region in Scotland under the interesting name Speyside [Speyside]. Here is the same town Daffron [Dufftown], which is the headquarters of the world whiskey [whisky capital of the world]. Spey [Spey] — a river in Scotland. The region is world famous for its wonderful whisky, but[…]

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