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Odnobochkovy whiskey.

…I wonder what single malt whiskey [single malt] is, in a sense, a modern invention. On the pages of history he’s had recently.

Blended whiskey and single malt

For a very long time whisky was produced only by blending [blending], and then the single malt direction [single malt] appeared not so long ago, as many imagine it. What is different from single malt blended whisky?

It blended [blended] whiskey is whiskey produced in the process of mixing different whiskies from different distilleries. In fact, for this reason the name.

In turn, single malt [single malt] whisky made at one particular distillery. There are other details, but most importantly just that.

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At some point, this direction [single malt] has obtained a mass recognition, and distilleries began to experience a shortage of whiskey with enough exposure, that is, the whiskey just wasn’t enough time to grow up. We have a little walked on this topic in the article about the color of whiskey.

What is odnobochkovy whiskey?

In fact, odnobochkovy whiskey is one of the tricks that was invented by the manufacturers to remedy the lack of enough adult of whiskey in their warehouses.

The fact that single malt whisky is produced by connection [marriage] different whisky from the same batch. Not mixing, namely the connection or merge.
[Note: so say the Scots].

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Specially trained people “connect” the different samples and produce the desired result. By the way, very prestigious profession. So, when different kinds of whiskey in one of the party was banal enough, they decided to sell whiskey from one barrel not connecting it at all.

Marketing [odnobochkovy whiskey]

It is clear that the marketing issues all under the guise of, say, and such was the idea. In the spirit: we want you to try this drink the way it is. In fact, it is clear that this is just a gimmick. Very often, this whiskey bad, rude, abrupt.

…but I confess at once, not always. As a vivid example of a great sample from a great distillery Benrinnes:

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A detailed review of Benrinnes 12

In this case it is important to understand that whisky from the same batch, but from different barrels may vary. For this reason, it is important to know the number of barrels. This information should be available directly on the bottle itself.

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