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How to store whisky?

…some time ago we went over a few rules and recommendations proper storage of beer: maturation and storage of beer. The fact is that aging can be beneficial to beverages such as wine or actually beer but whisky to survive in the truest sense of the word is not required.

Whiskey, after putting into the bottle by the manufacturer, stops in its development. So, the question now will be about the storage bottlesyou have already opened.

General rules for storing whiskey

The fact that not all of us open a bottle of whiskey and drink it down. Nothing wrong with that, not at all. Maybe you just stretch the pleasure, or perhaps want to drink it with friends when some other time. It’s strictly individual. But save the milk so that he changed their qualities?

Rule 1 — temperature
So, temperature is an important factor. The place where you keep the whiskey, should be cool. The best place will serve as a kind of room where always means natural cool temperature. Technically speaking, the ideal temperature for storage of whiskey is 15-20 degrees Celsius. However, these figures may vary slightly in one direction or another.

Rule 2 — sunlight
Natural light is harmful to whiskey. If you have a special place in the house, and you keep whisky openly anywhere on the shelf [and so forth], then you should definitely hide it from sunlight.

Rule 3 — oxidation
This is a very important point. When you otkrivate the bottle and then close it, then the bottle hits the air. Once the whiskey begins to interact with oxygen, it starts to change. He is getting better or worse, it becomes different.

So, the General rule is that if you opened the whiskey and left two-thirds of the drink in the bottle, such bottle may be relatively long shelf life without any problems. But if the bottle was one-third of the drink and less then a whiskey preferably long keep and quick to drink.

Note: for aging wine using some, shall we say, to adapt, which pumps air from the bottle. This a very good option, but only works in the case when we are talking about time in days and weeks. When we talk about whiskey, the go for months and years, and this option is not working.

Rule 4 — tube
In this case, the tube is your best friend. But keep in mind that your best friend is trite to dry. For this reason, the bottle of wine is kept tilted so the cork does not dry and not start flowing oxygen. In the case of whiskey a little different: whisky should be stored upright.

However, an additional rule States: once in half a year to turn a bottle of whisky for one minute that the plug is fully soaked with the drink.

The results

Overall, it’s pretty simple. Three of the enemy whiskey is temperature, light and air. It is important not only to protect the beverage from these three factors, but also create a comfortable environment for longevity.

Drink whiskey and be healthy.

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