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Peat whiskey.

…fashion peaty single malt [malt, peated single] Scotch whisky is quite an interesting phenomenon. What kind of Scotch with a smoky? What kind of Scotch with a smoked? And most importantly: how whiskey gets the peat flavor? It is no secret that an important role in the perception of the[…]

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Odnobochkovy whiskey.

…I wonder what single malt whiskey [single malt] is, in a sense, a modern invention. On the pages of history he’s had recently. Blended whiskey and single malt For a very long time whisky was produced only by blending [blending], and then the single malt direction [single malt] appeared not[…]

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Unfiltered whisky.

…in General, the technology of production of whiskey is very entertaining, and all around chill filtered whiskey is a great variety of disputes. Some argue that whisky certainly you want to filter. Others argue that if the whiskey is filtered, its taste is very different. Who is right? Let’s face[…]

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Barrels of sherry. [Sherry casks.]

…the Scots began to use the barrel from under sherry for aging whiskey, a long time ago, namely, in the 18th century. Why is it sherry? What osobennogo in these barrels? Let’s face it. Whiskey barrels and sherry We should start with the fact that the Scots like the sherry[…]

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